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About Dr.Atul Gaikwad & Dr.Vandana Gaikwad

 Dr Atul

Dr.Atul Gaikwad has a passion for manufacturing ayurvedic medicines. His continous efforts lead to development of many medicinal formulations, which have benifited patients suffering from acute and chronic diseases.

Dr.Vandana Gaikwad has worked as government medical officer and has expertise in treating gynaecological disorders.


Pradnya is a place where one can find practice of authentic ayurveda.


To promote health, wellness, beauty and cure through natural healing system to mankind at an affordable cost.


»To bring Ayurveda "the art of living and science of life" into the home and hearts of people all over the world.

» To rediscover the healing power of Ayurveda and eradicate the maladies.