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Cancer / Kidney Failure


In Ayurveda literature term like arbudha is similar disease condition to cancer & treatment modalities documented under these disease conditions are found to be effective in various types of cancers in researches.

 After a vigorous study on the subject from Ayurveda and specialization in manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines, Dr.Gaikwad developed his insight in this particular subject  & noted that Ayurveda system of treatment is beneficial in overcoming this dreaded disease at various stages. His Intensive work in this field led to formulation of ACT[Anti-Cancer-Treatment]. This treatment consists of tailor made medicines according to individual need and constitution of the patient.

ACT  can be taken along with chemo-/radio-/after surgery, to improve the status of immunity, mental strength& physical strength. This treatment minimizes the side effects of chemo-/radio- therapeutic agents and gives quality life to sufferer.

There are lots of worldwide successes stories that have been benefited from this Indian system of medicines.  


Renal Failure:

To treat any chronic renal failure patient, we study the ongoing disease process and identify the stage and nature of the disease.We provide herbo-mineral  formulations developed from classical ayurvedic granthas. These formulations along with other tailor made medicines is called as ARFT[Anti-Renal-Failure-Treatment].

 ARFT inhibits  the disease process & improve renal functions slowly & gradually. Thus, reducing the levels of S.creatinine & B. urea.

ARFT  can be taken along with other types of medicines & treatments or procedures including dialysis. 

Renal Failure: